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Could You be Homeless For a Day?

This past weekend I went to visit Philadelphia, and what grabbed my attention most was the poverty. Sure, poverty is everywhere, but the poverty in Philly just seemed so different. Could it be that it was only unmissable to me because it was my first time seeing Philly? That may be the case. Either way, seeing the homeless men and women like pink elephants, but somehow still invisible, brought me back to those ever-lingering questions for the homeless that cross my mind: What is your story? How did you end up here? What about your family, do they know that you're homeless, do they know where you are? Do they care? Are they still looking for you? Have they completely given up on you? How do you feel about being homeless? Did you choose it for yourself? Where did it all begin? Could I be homeless for a day?

Sure, I know that a great amount of the homeless population is a result of drug addition and/or mental illness, but no one is born alone in this world and we shouldn't have to stay alone.

Here are some pics I took while in Philly. I made this black body con dress by elongating a simple t-shirt pattern.

With love,


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