About Me

Hey there! Ciao!
I'm Shania, pronounced: "shuh- NEE -uh".

To tell you that I'm a DIY Fashion Artist would only be a morsel of the pie. I do a lot of things, I'm an artist. I sew, I sing, I design and make jewelry, among other things. However, these days my main focus is on making and sharing simple instructions on how to recreate trending clothes, jewelry, and accessories. 


                 How It Began:

My inspiration began in Barbados; it was the beautiful colors and all the confetti that caught, and kept, my attention.  The image of my great aunt sitting at the sewing machine adjusting parts of my cousin's carnival costume is still vivid in my mind. Seeing my aunt making --what, at the time seemed like-- magic with the sewing machine, her magic wand, made me believe that buying clothes wasn't always necessary, and that I could just make what I wanted.  


                  The Kickoff: 


Fast forward to life after college: I moved to Rome, Italy in the pursuit of love, which then lead to a painful breakup, but also to the start of something amazing; more free time, a return to the confetti. I used my free time to make trendy clothes and accessories for myself. Although I never received any formal training in fashion design and sewing, I felt like I knew enough to start sharing instructions for my DIY fashion projects on Youtube. Since then, my channel has blossomed with over 10,000 subscribers, over 1,000,000 total views, but who's counting?!.


I can't wait to share all the wonderful ideas I have with you, and I hope that you'll continue to accompany me on this journey and share me with your friends and family. Thank you, and be well 💓 


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