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I know it can be time-consuming to take your body measurements and then use them to make a pattern-- especially if you're a beginner! So, I'm here to bring you some relief. I created full torso sewing block PDF files in sizes U.S. 4-16. These pattern blocks start at the shoulder and end end at the hip, and can easily be trimmed down to waist length bodice blocks. With these blocks in hand, the possibilities for creating new styles are endless!

sewing blanket

Each Full Torso PDF file includes:

  • Details of bust, chest, waist, and hip measurements

  • Instructions on where to cut each page

  • Instructions on the most suitable printer settings

  • Instructions on how to check for scaling accuracy

If you’d like to download the full torso block PDF for FREE, just sign up below and head over to the full torso page to get your block!

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