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How to Make Denim Crop Top Without Sewing or Glue

I hate to be one of the crowd saying, "This summer denim is trending". But why, " this summer". You might as well say, "this summer the little black dress is trending". Just like the little black dress, denim is a classic, a year round wardrobe must-have, suitable every year and every damn season. Alright, the rant is over, so, here goes a tutorial on how to make a denim crop top for yourself. Oh, and you won't be needing a sewing machine or glue for this. Let's get into it:

What You'll Need: A denim pencil skirt, and that's it!!!

Unbutton your pencil skirt, zip down your fly (do you call your zipper your, "fly", as well?).

With your sturdiest of strapless bras on, slip your arms through the skirt. Your skirt should be upside down while you're putting your arms inside.

Continue to wiggle the rest of your body into the skirt by poking your head through the waist of skirt. You might need to use some extra strength when you're pulling your shoulders through the waist of your skirt. **I promise you, if your skirt fits well (as a normal skirt), it will get past your shoulder and fit just as well as a tube top.

Once you've finished getting your head, shoulders, boobs, and arms through the skirt, roll down the top of skirt (which is technically the bottom of your skirt).

All you have to do now is close the fly and button the skirt, and that is it!!

And finito! You have a denim cropped tube top. Wasn't that easy? What will you pair with your denim tube top?

If this written tutorial didn't do any justice, check out the video tutorial below:

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